First Post

by Ben McNelly

Inspired by some online friends, I am going to start posting thoughts and updates using Github Pages, in a static format. This will be nice for archiving and let me host it just about anywhere.

Alright, with that out of the way: In just what overly complicated way should I do this static site?

I thought of doing this as a parody of a lot of the “static” site generators I have seen, but adding in some compiling from source, custom kernels, and multiple versions of python for different build processes; but settled for using Wintersmith to generate things, and some python (inspired by Jeff Triplett’s personal goals ) to push it all live.

from invoke import task, run

def push(ctx):'echo UNGH!''')'wintersmith build')'cp -R build/* ../')'cp ../articles/now/index.html ../now.html')'git add -A')'git commit -m "automated push from terminal" ')'git push -f origin master')'firefox')'firefox')

I really like that I can see changes live as I work on the template, style, and publish content.

⟫ wintersmith preview
starting preview server
server running on: http://localhost:8080/

I was also inspired to create a “now“ page, although I was hoping for a couple more people to branch out the list of people it was inspired by, I couldn’t wait for that to happen to implement it.